The city of Umbra, Louisiana, is an old, weary city on a slow but steady decline into ruin. Just west across the Mississippi River from Vicksburg, the city is surrounded by forest, swampland, and lots of the decaying ruins of old, semi abandoned towns. One of the oldest cities in the south, Umbra has a long, dark, history that most of its citizens would prefer to forget.
Umbra has spent decades as a center of slave trade, a bastion of organized crime and corruption, a manufacturer of illicit drugs, and a place where the hopeless and despaired wash up from all walks of life. The police are understaffed, underfunded, and far too few to offset the city’s criminals. The Wardens of the White Council haven’t visited the city in years, and if there are any wizards living there, they aren’t making themselves known. Put simply, the city has been in a downward spiral for more than a century. Whether the supernatural monsters that have infested the city were drawn there because of these conditions, or whether the city’s decay is a result of supernatural corruption is unknown, but it is undeniable that a number of supernatural predators have become deeply entrenched in the city’s underbelly. Having long ago come to a comfortable coexistence, the supernatural factions are free from the factional infighting that exists in so many other parts of the world, leaving each of them free to dedicate all of their time to hunting the innocent and defenseless populace.
Why would anyone want to live in such a city? Despite its many problems, there are still good people living in Umbra, people who refuse to let their city fall completely into darkness. And a small few of these people are aware of the darkest threats kept secret from the ordinary citizens of the city. Some of these people use their knowledge for their own gain, gorging themselves on the still breathing corpse of the city alongside the inhuman monsters that abound. But others see their knowledge as power that comes along with a responsibility to stand against the darkness and try, through slow and steady effort, to pull their city back up into the light.

Penumbral Shift

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