Penumbral Shift

Session 1

The game began with Valencia returning home to discover her homeless friend David under attack by the Second Sight gang, who forcibly injected him with the magic laced drug Rush then fled. Valencia tried to get him to safety, but stumbled upon White Court Vampire Mary dumping a blood drained cop’s corpse at the entrance to the Slave Market as part of an ongoing scheme to turn the city’s new Bloodhound unit against the Black Court vampires who dwell there.

Shortly thereafter, Vincent made his way down to the Slave Market to see what was happening. Victoria was accosted by a Black Court Renfield, Henry Solem of the Umbra Historical Society, begging her to stop the Mayor from condemning the old Stockyards containing the slave market. She used her sight to discover he was enthralled, then used a spell to determine that the spell’s caster was somewhere in the Stockyard. After a quick discussion with his master (The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes), Jay was tasked with the job of finding a little girl’s lost dog.

Vincent, Victoria, and Jay all arrived at the Slave Market in time to witness Mayor Eisen herself come down to investigate. In tow, she had Nolan Hart, the leader of her Bloodhound unit, who made an impression by shoving Jay around. Jay enlisted Victoria’s help with finding his dog, while Vincent went to look for Valencia, hoping that she would know something about the murders.

On the way to the hospital to seek Jay’s help for her friend David, Valencia came across Vincent. The two of them noticed that she was being shadowed by the vampire Mary, who knew she witnessed their subterfuge from earlier. Valencia climbed up the side of the building she was perched on with her claws, while Vincent walked up to talk to her directly, drawing her attention. Valencia used the moment of distraction to leap atop the roof and tackle Mary to the ground, exposing her identity to Vincent for the first time.



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