Penumbral Shift

Session 3

Jay awoke in the Oasis Spa and Gentlefolk Club, a strip club maintained by the Summer High Sidhe maiden Meadow. She spoke with him about his master, warning him against serving her wishes and insisting that she was dangerous.

Valencia decided to go to the Haven Church to investigate the Restorer group that meets there, and met with both April and Chris.

Vincent awoke in a helicopter flying over New Orleans, where Virgil reflected on a lost lifetime of success and revealed that the New Orleans tragedy was caused by sabotage of some kind. Flying out over the Gulf of Mexico, he dumped Mary’s body and warned Vincent that the same would happen to him if he didn’t come up with a convincing reason to stop it. Vincent and Virgil hammered out the terms of an alliance that would further both of their goals, but Virgil ended with an ultimatum. To prove his loyalty, Vincent would need deliver Valencia to them to clear up that loose end.

Once more, Victoria entered the Slave Market looking for the woman who had enthralled Henry Solem. She discovered that she had been tailed there by some mysterious party, but was unable to find out why. Using her magic, she learned of a secret tunnel beneath the stockyards where half a hundred people were held captive. She infiltrated it to search for answers. Meanwhile, Jay had witnessed Terra Nyugen, the Renfield in charge of the hospital morgue, stealing the dead cop’s body and returning it to the Stockyards. Following her, Jay startled 3 Darkhounds set there to defend the entrance, and he and Victoria were caught up in a battle. The battle was quickly interrupted by the vampire master, but Jay and Victoria used their powers to force her back underground with sunlight then seal the passageway, giving them time to escape.



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