Penumbral Shift

Session 4

Valencia entered the Haven Church to meet with the group called the Restorers, a collection of minor talents and supernaturally savvy people working to keep their dangerous neighborhood safe from supernatural and mundane threats. The group asked her some questions, hoping to determine whether she was a victim or a dangerous killer, leaving it up to the old woman called Gran to decide whether or not she was speaking truthfully. Trust tentatively established, Reverend Odin Wells offered to have April initiate a Soulgaze with Valencia in hopes of discovering some detail of her past.
The Soulgaze did not go as planned. As soon as it began, a monstrous feminine phantom within Valencia’s soul attacked April and tried to tear her way into her mind, causing serious mental anguish. Tension flared, but the group decided Valencia was not responsible and they all agreed to work together to stop the alchemist Heshem from continuing to distribute his magic drug Rush, which should allow Valencia to acquire the journal her father left behind. Odin gave Valencia a recommendation for a homeless shelter to stay at, since her old place was no longer safe for her.

Vincent finally returned home and set about gathering info and preparing for action. He contacted Victoria and Jay for a meeting at the White Tower Club, and informed Valencia of his plan to fake her death to get the White Court off her back and ingratiate himself to their leader Virgil. While waiting for his allies to arrive, Vince witnessed the arrival of Ramses Skavis, White Wolf of the Court and half-brother of Virgil Raith. A surprisingly direct and unsubtle White Court Vampire, Ramses nonetheless made it quite clear he would make a deadly foe.

In the club, Jay, Victoria and Vincent met up and were suddenly joined by Jay’s master, who attempted to recall her own name and settled on “something that starts with L.” The group agreed to work together with Mayor Eisen to assault the Vampire Feeding Pens at the Slave Market, and to use the opportunity to fake Valencia’s death as well. Vincent suggested they meet with the Mayor to make the alliance official, and they prepared to leave only to be interrupted by Ramses, who frightened off Jay and attempting to intimidate Victoria.

Meanwhile, Valencia was at the homeless shelter, where she met a friendly, boyish young man named Jason Hunter. Hunter seemed to be very altruistic, but she sensed there was something off about him, and she followed him when he went off duty, taking a young homeless girl with him for some unknown purpose. As he was about to take her on a boat into the Mississippi river, Valencia confronted Hunter and tried to get him to release the girl. Instead, he casually murdered her and attacked Valencia. Valencia seriously injured him only to swiftly realize he was yet another White Court Vampire of unknown lineage. Valencia killed Hunter’s companion, a man named Nick Nguyen, but Hunter escaped. Valencia was nearly noticed by Nolan Hart, the leader of the Bloodhound unit, but she evaded him and he took away the body of the dead girl.

At City Hall, Victoria discovered that the building was defended by wards designed to act against the deliberate use of magic. Vincent introduced his allies to Riza Eisen, who revealed she had pictures taken by a private investigator she had paid to stalk Victoria showing her acting in her capacity as a Warden of the White Council. Eisen made it clear she didn’t trust anyone with a supernatural motive, and initially refused to work with them, but Vincent managed to win her over. Though she is obviously still hesitant, the Mayor has agreed to work with them for this one mission as a test of their character.

Now, all concerned parties prepare themselves to assault the Slave Market at dawn of the next day.

Session 3

Jay awoke in the Oasis Spa and Gentlefolk Club, a strip club maintained by the Summer High Sidhe maiden Meadow. She spoke with him about his master, warning him against serving her wishes and insisting that she was dangerous.

Valencia decided to go to the Haven Church to investigate the Restorer group that meets there, and met with both April and Chris.

Vincent awoke in a helicopter flying over New Orleans, where Virgil reflected on a lost lifetime of success and revealed that the New Orleans tragedy was caused by sabotage of some kind. Flying out over the Gulf of Mexico, he dumped Mary’s body and warned Vincent that the same would happen to him if he didn’t come up with a convincing reason to stop it. Vincent and Virgil hammered out the terms of an alliance that would further both of their goals, but Virgil ended with an ultimatum. To prove his loyalty, Vincent would need deliver Valencia to them to clear up that loose end.

Once more, Victoria entered the Slave Market looking for the woman who had enthralled Henry Solem. She discovered that she had been tailed there by some mysterious party, but was unable to find out why. Using her magic, she learned of a secret tunnel beneath the stockyards where half a hundred people were held captive. She infiltrated it to search for answers. Meanwhile, Jay had witnessed Terra Nyugen, the Renfield in charge of the hospital morgue, stealing the dead cop’s body and returning it to the Stockyards. Following her, Jay startled 3 Darkhounds set there to defend the entrance, and he and Victoria were caught up in a battle. The battle was quickly interrupted by the vampire master, but Jay and Victoria used their powers to force her back underground with sunlight then seal the passageway, giving them time to escape.

Session 2

Vincent tried to talk Mary into letting them go, not wanting to mess things up with his White Court connections. Knowing that she wouldn’t want to let Valencia leave knowing what she did, Vincent tried to pass Valencia off as one of his hired agents. Big mistake. Valencia works for no one, and she doesn’t appreciate implications that she does. In response, she threw Mary off the building.

A fight broke out, but when Mary’s back up arrived with guns, Vincent decided to leg it. Outnumbered and outflanked, Valencia still nearly killed the White Court Vampire, giving her a concussion and a broken arm for her troubles, but in the end Valencia fled.

Meanwhile Victoria was investigating the Slave Market. Before she could learn anything though, she was tackled by Nolan Hart, who noticed her slipping inside despite her veil. He tried to arrest and interrogate her, but she used her magic to drop him in a hole and escape unharmed, but slightly rattled.

Back at the hospital, Jay was confronted by his boss, Karen Davis, because of his recklessly endangering a patient when he left earlier to follow his master. Jay did little to prevent her from thinking he was a lunatic, and was tasked with checking on all of the autopsies for the recently murdered Stockyard victims. Before he could get started, a looming Mushroom Man from the Summer Court attempted to follow his portal back from the Nevernever. Going on the offensive, Jay opened the portal and fired on the Mushroom creature, which is never a good idea. Several megaton punches later, Jay had himself a concussion and had accidentally created several Mushroom Glamours to run loose throughout the hospital, causing mass panic. Injured, he stumbled back into the Nevernever and collapsed.

Valencia decided to return to her father’s home in search of a clue to her past, only to find it had been taken over by the Second Sight gang. She found a sneaky way inside and met with an old alchemist who introduced himself as both Heshem and Haniel. A Knight of the Blackened Denarius, Heshem was a serious danger, but Valencia refused to back down from him and confronted him about an old tome of her father’s, Praxicus Wong. Heshem was perfectly polite up until the point he ordered his men to kill her, and she was forced to flee. However she soon found herself cornered by a group of gangsters. Back to the wall, she turned to fight, and her vicious and unrestrained rage made short work of most of them. Chris Fields and April Sunders arrived to help, but Victoria trusts no one, so she left without giving them a chance to speak.

Finally, Vincent returned to the White Tower Club to confront Virgil Raith, hoping to salvage his ties to the White Court. Instead, he found Mary waiting for him, halfway seductive and half murderous. She settled on murder, and Vincent wound up with a broken nose and an impaled hand before the elevator pinged open and Mary was cut down in a string of gunfire from the other local White Court Succubus Lucy. Virgil marched in, restrained Mary with his superior will, and explained to her that he understood that she only made a small mistake, but that his head was on the line and he could not allow mistakes like that to go unpunished. “It’s nothing personal,” he said, as he put a gun to her head and extinguished her life.

Severely injured, Vincent collapsed and was left at the mercy of Virgil.

Session 1

The game began with Valencia returning home to discover her homeless friend David under attack by the Second Sight gang, who forcibly injected him with the magic laced drug Rush then fled. Valencia tried to get him to safety, but stumbled upon White Court Vampire Mary dumping a blood drained cop’s corpse at the entrance to the Slave Market as part of an ongoing scheme to turn the city’s new Bloodhound unit against the Black Court vampires who dwell there.

Shortly thereafter, Vincent made his way down to the Slave Market to see what was happening. Victoria was accosted by a Black Court Renfield, Henry Solem of the Umbra Historical Society, begging her to stop the Mayor from condemning the old Stockyards containing the slave market. She used her sight to discover he was enthralled, then used a spell to determine that the spell’s caster was somewhere in the Stockyard. After a quick discussion with his master (The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes), Jay was tasked with the job of finding a little girl’s lost dog.

Vincent, Victoria, and Jay all arrived at the Slave Market in time to witness Mayor Eisen herself come down to investigate. In tow, she had Nolan Hart, the leader of her Bloodhound unit, who made an impression by shoving Jay around. Jay enlisted Victoria’s help with finding his dog, while Vincent went to look for Valencia, hoping that she would know something about the murders.

On the way to the hospital to seek Jay’s help for her friend David, Valencia came across Vincent. The two of them noticed that she was being shadowed by the vampire Mary, who knew she witnessed their subterfuge from earlier. Valencia climbed up the side of the building she was perched on with her claws, while Vincent walked up to talk to her directly, drawing her attention. Valencia used the moment of distraction to leap atop the roof and tackle Mary to the ground, exposing her identity to Vincent for the first time.


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