Unique Abilities

Supernatural Protection [-1]

Description: For some reason (enchanted item, blessing from an divine being, subconscious untrained magical talent) you are regularly protected by magical effects designed to keep you, and only you, safe from harm. This works like regular Evocation magic, except that it can only be used defensively, only manifests as a single element, and cannot be used consciously. Instead, the GM will use it when it feels appropriate, with the player having no actual control over when and how it is used. The spells power and control is based off the player’s Conviction and Discipline as normal.

Musts: You must define the element and the nature of this power’s origin when you take this ability.

Skills Affected: Conviction, Discipline

Effects: Auto Protection. Whenever the GM feels that you’re in danger warranting this ability’s intervention (based on whatever the agenda of being behind it’s power is), he will utilize it to cast a spell as either a Block, Maneuver, or Veil. No matter what form this spell takes, it can never be used offensively.
Whenever the spell is cast, it counts as a Supplemental Action, applying a penalty of -1 to the player’s main action for that Exchange. Each spell cast can cause Mental Stress as normal.

Familiar Spirit [-1]
Description: You maintain a deep and symbiotic relationship with a Spirit of the Nevernever, and may summon it to do your bidding at will. These Spirits may be Demons, Loa, Elementals, or anything else you can come up with, but whatever kind of creature it is, its powers are very limited in the ways it can help you in the regular world. You may take this ability multiple times, with each time purchased representing a different Spirit.
Summoning a Familiar Spirit can be performed as a regular or as a supplemental action. Familiar Spirits, once summoned, are visible to anyone. For each Spirit you have active at any time, you take 1 point of Mental Stress. Swapping out one one Spirit for another does not increase Mental Stress, it remains at 1. However having two Spirits out at once will cause 2 points of Mental Stress, and so on. All Effects granted by a Familiar Spirit are unusable unless they have been actively summoned.
Skills Affected: Discipline
Familiar Stunts. Each Familiar grants one Familiar Stunt. These are created in precisely the same way as Mortal Stunts, except for two caveats: they do not have to be mundane in nature, allowing supernatural effects, and they are only usable when the Familiar is summoned, giving them an even narrower focus than Mortal Stunts. Familiar Stunts cannot stack with Mortal Stunts to allow bonuses to the same skills at the same time.
Familiar Spells. Each Familiar has access to a single Evocation-style spell that is always used in precisely the same way. Essentially, these are Rote Spells granted by the Familiar in question. No Conviction is required to cast these spells, instead these spells are always cast at a Great (+4) Strength. If the spell is an attack or requires a roll to “aim” it may still require a Discipline roll. Using these spells is an action on your part, just like a normal spell. However, they do not cause any Mental Stress beyond that already gained by summoning the Spirit. You may choose to increase the Power of these spells beyond Great by designating restrictions which make it usable only in certain circumstances.
For instance, a nature elemental might have spell which allows it to Veil you at a power of +6, but only in an environment where there is plenty of vegetation to help you camouflage. However, the Power of these spells should never be extended beyond one or two shifts in this way.
Familiar Hospitality. Familiar Spirits cannot be summoned within a Threshold of Good or higher unless you have been invited in.
Vulnerability. Familiars, once summoned, can be attacked via magic or other supernatural means. Treat all such attacks as Maneuvers, creating a Prepared For Banishment aspect which can be Compelled to banish the Familiar back to the Nevernever temporarily. However, the Familiars can never be truly harmed or destroyed.

Unique Abilities

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