Vincent Mao's Journal

  • Got some phone calls, Virgil called me back, I got the suite for a nice price, free. We’ll see how much trouble it will be worth, either way I’ll be right in the action.
    Got a call from Victoria, got rid of my legal trouble which was kinda the main point. As a nice bonus I think I can assume she’ll be one of the big mover’s and shakers.
    Another call from doctor Sanders, some old money surgeon that works out of Saint Barnabas Hospital, needs help with tracking down some girl for some personal reasons. Not really my thing, go find a detective doc.

*Moved in to White Tower, snazzy place if I do say so my self. Need to keep away Mary and Lucy, don’t look, don’t think, find some other girls that wont suck out my soul, but damn!
Joseph has been moving up to the big games lately, maybe its a good thing I left when I did. Chris is still begging me to visit his church, ha.
Colonel Calice keeps calling me! Get a woman doc.

*Doctor Jay Men-Calice (what a stupid name) came and found me at my office. This turns out to be a more interesting job than I thought. Gives me a chance to dip my toes in the supernatural side without getting to wet. I’m off to find Latoya Rollins.

*Got some leads. My boys in green told me they used to deal to Latoya, recently she lost her job at the hospital cafe. She was right under the doc’s nose and he had no idea. Where do desperate people go when they need drugs and can’t pay, bingo.

*Stopped by the water front and walked by the Cat, even after the fire it’s still floating. I thought about looking inside but fuck that. Ran into some trouble with a new gang called the second sight, had to do a little roof top gymnastics to get away, good thing I still gym.
Came back with some of my boys that just happened to be in the area, we tore the second sight up. After that they were only too happy to lead me to out lucky girl.

*Brought Latoya to Colonel Sanders. He seemed strangely uncomfortable around her. Wiped his hand after shaking hers. Afraid to catch the negro doc?

*Just got back from docs manor, I am still shaking. I really don’t know how we got out alive. Doc invited in a man who came to the door like a proper southern gentlemen. He hit us with some sort of cold dark energy that paralyzed us and escaped into some sort of portal. The doc grabbed my hand and used some kind of sorcery to pull us in after him. It lead us to a spooky forest of jagged trees where the moon was way to big and way to green. There was a tower in the distance on a hill, and as soon as I stopped losing my shit I followed him. Good thing to, some of the trees weren’t trees, they were demons with spindly jagged limbs disguised as trees. We ran to the tower and got inside just in time to escape the freaks. Latoya was on an alter, with a circle of blood around her. The (necromancer? Ask Victoria later) hit us with the same spell again, but this time I was ready and my knife got him first. Even so he still put me on my ass. The doc shot him with a really bizarre magical shot gun and we saved the day. Last time I work with Colonel Sanders.

Vincent Mao's Journal

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